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This blog is a terrific idea!! I hope you will allow those who are not yet doing ninety to be part of the experience.....Can people ask you for your opinion on things? Can't wait to hear what you and your followers have to say!


When I grow up (I'm only 62), I want to be like you!!!

Frieda B.

Thanks Pam. it's a thrill to get a compliment from a kid like you.


Hi Frieda,

This is great!!!! Keep up the writing!


I am not 90 (but 56)but love your love for life! I can't wait to continue to hear the wisdom you have to offer. Like Pam I want to be like you too!

Carlene Krizman

Hello Freda, I can't wait to introduce my Aunt Elda who will be 97 next month and still knows how to have a good time.She lives ina cottage with 2 other women but she is the night owl of the bunch. Her macular degeneration no longer allows her to read but she listens to books on tape and she still crotchets baby blankets, By the way, Freda, I work for your daughter Barbara, and I met you and Jerry when you came to the office. And, yes, you did have something very special! Have fun with "going ninety"
Carlene Krizman


Thanks for your nice note, Carlene. I remember you well! Your aunt sounds great!. More power to her.

Kofla Olivieri

Congratulations on your new blog! When I grow up (I'm only 57) I want to continue writing in my blog!


So great to know you are a reader! I am sure your
wish will come true.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

HI! I hope you keep up your blog (I found it through Typepad featured blog)....I'm only a 70-something photo blogger, but I talk a little about our travels and enjoying the small things in life. I have "met" people from all over the world through memes I join and comments made on my blog.. it's an amazing world!

It's fun to have this outlet for creativity and I really do think keeping up with technology keeps us young at heart!


Happy Birthday! You're awesome and tech-savvy. :D

~ Marion @ Affection For Fitness

Elda Mastrucci

Hello from Elda.....happy new year Freida! Hope you remember me as it's been awhile since I wrote. I have to depend on my niece, Carlene, to blog due to my poor vision and holidays are so busy for everyone..she Always has company at her house (sounds like your family)but I do look forward to her reading your blog. What a funny word "blog" is, it sounds like "gag" . Anyway, I still recite my prepositions daily to remind myself my brain is still working even if my eyes and ears are not so good. Carlene has said she would like to take the two of us to lunch so we could finally meet in person but I guess we'll have to wait til spring. I,m 97 years old now but that is just a our age we have so many memories to keep us company. The world is so different today, isn't it. Seems a little nutty sometimes. Ciao, Elda Mastrucci


Hi Elda.. Thanks for the nice note! I can insure you that your brain is working
darn well1 I an sure we will have fun gabbing about our joint experiences
when we do get to meet! Keep warm and stay well!

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